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Mountain Ash Kennel Testimonials

Hi Kim!
Zoey is fitting in to our home and family just fine. Sorry to say, we are spoiling her rotten. She sleeps with us. She uses her puppy pads really good. She has had a few accidents, but she is a baby after all. She has especially been close to me since we brought her home. I go back to work tomorrow, so we will see how she does with Jackie most of the day. I have introduced her to almost all of our family and friends. She really feels special then, because the ooh and aah over her. Hope all is well for all of you. We really glad to meet you. We felt right at home. One of the ladies that I showed Zoey to asked about your Yorkies. I told her I really didn't see them because I was to busy loving Zoey. Zoey sure does love to be snuggled and kissed. She kisses us all the time. We will stay in touch. Just wanted to tell you how much we love our new little girl. Thank you so much!

Just wanted to give you and update on these little fellas. They are doing wonderful. I've been keeping Champ this week while Liz and Mike are on vacation, so we're celebrating today with spa baths, treats, and R&R in front of the fire!

Champ is an outdoorsman, as Liz and Mike take him camping all the time and he loves it and loves the water. Grits is a little more reserved and loves to go outside with his brother sometimes, but much more of a pampered lapdog! Go Figure! They adapt to their lifestyles so well its incredible. They definitely know each other though and recognize each other's names even when you're talking about them. They both will whimper at their reflections and paw and it and Liz and I know they are due for a brother fix! It's precious and they love each other. They aren't like that with any other animals and not even like that with Macy. There is an incredible bond with these guys and everyone who witnesses it is to astounded by it. It's nothing for Liz to call, or vice versa, and say Champ is having a fit for his brother today, do I come there or you wanna come here? Or, if one of us is leaving for the day, usually Liz, then I'll just take Champ for the day visit! (Champ looks so much like his momma and Grits looks so much like his Daddy!)

Oh, and just so you know, even though these guys don't get as excited over Macy, she has her own set of adoring fans. She never made it to Danielle's as that didn't work out as they anticipated, but instead is my brother's, Danny, baby girl. He adores that little dog and she him. The girls all dote on her, as well as their mom, Judy, but Macy has captured my brother's heart like to other dog! She does no wrong and pretty much rules the roost! So, all's well!

Again, I want to thank you and your husband for all your hard work and love you provided these guys with from the moment of their conception! You've provided us with wonderful bundles of love that benefit our lives every day! Hope all is well with you and the mamas and the papas! Take care, and hope this update brings a smile to your day!
(This email was from Barbie who purchased Grits from us then her sister Liz purchased Champ & their brother purchased Macy.)

Please feel free to list or use us as a reference in the future, if anyone has questions about happy customers. feel free to give them our email address if they'd like to ask us about our experience in getting a puppy from you guys. I have to say it was 100% positive, and I'd come back again if I was getting another puppy. I'd also recommend Mountain Ash Kennel to anyone interested in any of the breeds you guys have.
Steve & Leah G.

Just thought I would touch base and let you know how happy we are with Jackson. He's is like part of our family. I didn't realize what a joy it would be to have a maltese. He is very sweet and loving but also fun and playful. He has adjusted well to our three children and our home. In the two months we've had him he has went from 3 1/2 lbs to 5 1/2 lbs. I will be sending you pictures of him soon for your scrapbook. I have been trying to talk Jerrod into letting us also get a female maltese. If we do, I would like to get another from the same parents. Will you have another litter soon? Just thought I would check. Again, we are very pleased that Jackson is a part of our family!
Take care!
Beth M.
(In November 2008 they did get a female Maltese, and her name is Sophie.)

I am excited about my baby Maltese puppy I chose today. She is darling and I can hardly wait to bring her home and start spoiling her. It was hard visiting your nursery and seeing those four white beauties all looking so sweet and cuddly, but I feel confident I bonded with "Chanel" immediately. Visiting the kennel and seeing her parents and how well you take care of every detail from a healthy environment to loving them was the deciding factor in knowing I wanted a quality dog from Mountain Ash Kennels. Thanks for asking all the questions about my needs as well, this shows you won't sell until you know your babies are getting great homes. I like that alot ! Thanks for the loan of the book and video on potty training. This is a new experience for me but I am ready to tackle the "joy". See you on the 29th when my "Chanel" will leave the nursery and come to her new home.